Sparkle up: Keep it glam this festive season

Sparkle lips

Here’s the thing, packing on the sparkles isn’t something you can get away with any time of the year. Unless it’s Halloween or a costume party – you’re likely to get some strange looks if you rock up in sparkles from head to toe.

But we love a good excuse to spice up our beauty looks and given we’re getting into the festive season where sparkles abound, what better time to play around with some glitter?

We listed down three of our favourite spots to include sparkle in our beauty regimen – all of which featured on the runways in 2014.

  1. EYESSparkle eyes Consider adding some rhinestones to your eye makeup routine. If the idea of going all out scares you (as in the picture above) opt for a small rhinestone and place it on the inner corner of your eye (just near your tear ducts). Every time it catches the light, it will give your eyes a soft and romantic feel.


Sparkle nails

Now would be the time to pile on the glitter nail polish ladies! Start by layering nail polish with fine glitter dust and add on the ones with thicker chunks over it. The bigger the sparkles, the better!

add sparkles lips 1

We realise that you’re probably going to be stuffing your face quite a bit this holiday (as will we!) so perhaps save these lush glitter lips for a simple cocktail date. For an extra kick, opt for a high shimmer lip gloss over your lipstick or if you’re up for some extra kick try this: apply your lipstick, blot it on a thin  layer of tissue then take your favourite shimmer eyeshadow or blush and with your finger, press it over your lips. Now time to pucker up!


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