HashKey: a dedicated 1-key keyboard for the hashtag


The HashKey is the world’s first one-key USB keyboard – dedicated solely to the hashtag. Yes, the hashtag will finally have its own key.

HashKey is a unique one-key keyboard dedicated solely to the awesome hashtag. No more wondering how to do a hashtag on your computer or having to press two keys to make it happen! HashKey will save social media nerds around the world valuable seconds and celebrate the mighty hashtag’s contribution to digital communication!

The HashKey is the  world’s first one-key keyboard. The team behind HashKey started a Kickstarter project and hopes to raise enough funds to get HashKey into production and bring it to early-adopter social media addicts around the world, with a view to producing it in greater quantities and taking to retail if it proves a success. The team also revealed that they’d be open to offering bespoke versions in different colours and other variations.

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