Diners sign life away before eating 12,000 calorie Christmas dinner


Diners have to sign a disclaimer before eating a 12,000 calorie meal.

Customers at The Black Bull restaurant in Wakefield, northern England, have been asked to sign a contract agreeing to the dangers before being served a humongous Christmas dinner.

The meal consists of a turkey crown filled with pork and orange stuffing, a whole duck and a whole chicken plus four Yorkshire puddings, 10 new potatoes, 10 roast potatoes, 10 pigs in blankets, carrots, sprouts, butternut squash and all the trimmings.

Restaurant director Sarah Bird told the Daily Star newspaper: “We are making disclaimers because we want to be responsible about this – even if it is a bit of fun in the run up to Christmas … This is the biggest challenge we have done yet and 12,000 calories is obviously several times the recommended daily intake for just one man. We will have the first aid kit on standby.”

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