Mursik: A Magic Weight Loss Food

DSC_0596 - CopyPersonally I do not diet, I do not advocate for diets. I dislike diets not because they are not effective but because they are almost always not fun. If you don’t enjoy it you’ll have a hard time making it a lifestyle and soon you’ll fall off the band wagon. This is why diets have such a high failure rate.

With that said, I would also like to establish that not all calories are equal. Even similar foods do not have similar calorie counts for different people. A chunk of Ugali may have 150 Kcal for one person and the same chunk have 250 Kcal for another person. This difference may be largely attributed to the bacteria in one’s small intestine.

There’s two main kinds of bacteria in one’s gut: Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. Lean people have more Bacteroidetes and fewer Firmicutes; obese people have more Firmicutes and fewer Bacteroidetes. As obese people lose weight, the ratio of bacteria in their gut swings confidently over to more Bacteroidetes.


Knowing this we then want to increase the Bacteroidetes in our digestive tract. The best way to do this is to feed the bacteria. What do said Bacteroidetes feed on you ask? Well they need food that gets to them undigested and in a form the body won’t absorb for itself. The best thing is probiotic fiber. Foods high in probiotic fiber are fruit and vegetables: Artichokes, cabbage, kimchi, apples and dark chocolates (I love that chocolates bit).


Fermented foods also work wonders to improve the good bacteria in your gut. Again not all fermented foods are equal. To improve your gut flora you need bacteria with live cultures. This is where Mursik comes in; though unsweetened plain yogurt would do. It’s great for your weight loss efforts. As we age, our bodies no longer produce as much of the enzymes responsible for digesting milk, this makes most of the nutrients in milk less bio-available.


With fermented milk the bacteria that ferments the milk does half the digestion job for you allowing you to get more benefits from the milk. So there you have it have more bad milk, which is what Mursik means when loosely translated.

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