Expert Advice: How to be a successful makeup artist

Photography - Boy On The Ledge; Model - Kui Blaek; Courtesy of Muthoni Njoba

Photography – Boy On The Ledge; Model – Kui Blaek; Courtesy of Muthoni Njoba

There’s no denying the power and influence of makeup – a billion dollar industry. New products find their way onto shelves every single day and finding 50 shades of red lipstick in a woman’s makeup collection is no longer an anomaly. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that there’s an influx of ladies and gentlemen eager to delve into the world of makeup artistry and express their creativity.

But how do you turn your passion for makeup into a successful career? We got an exclusive interview with two talented and successful makeup artists (MUA): Marco Louis who’s career spun from his love for art and Muthoni Njoba who’s interest in makeup started at the tender age of 7.

Tips on how to be a successful makeup artist:

Marco Louis – MAC Cosmetics Resident Senior Makeup Artist (Africa)

  1. “See makeup as a medium” – View yourself as an artist and try your best to break away from the textbook idea of doing makeup. You just happen to be using a different sort of paint on a different sort of canvas. Think outside of the box and you’ll find that there’s so much you can do, even with a limited set of tools.

    Photo courtesy of Sharon Mundia

  2. “You must have vision” – It’s important to understand that, just like fashion, makeup moves forward. For instance, at some point we might move into a point where a pounding on makeup is in vogue and you have to be versatile and flexible. If you think like an artist then you can adapt to that and still stand out.

    Photo courtesy of Sharon Mundia

Muthoni Njoba – Professional MUA & Founder of The Make-up Lounge

  1. “Create your own signature style” – It’s important to search for inspiration from different places but be weary of being a full blown copy cat. YouTube is a great platform to learn from but sometimes you lose yourself in it. Find inspiration from different avenues, whether it’s watching nature channels, reading books or experimenting on friends. Just as long as you establish your signature style!

    Photography – Boy On The Ledge; Courtesy of Muthoni Njoba

  2. “Do not neglect the business side” – Never take for granted education, even when it wasn’t remotely related to makeup or beauty. Are you able to handle a client professionally? Is your communication strategy clear? Do you have a sustainable business model? Is your pricing strategy sensible? These are some of the questions that education provides you answers to. It’s important to empower yourself with knowledge, even if it’s through a short course. The success comes in learning how to build it as a business.

    Photography – Boy On The Ledge; Courtesy of Muthoni Njoba

  3. “Constantly invest in your kit” – Having a well stocked kit allows you to stay current. Makeup is always changing and it’s important to have the right tools. Stay current, be attentive and keep yourself informed on what’s happening in the industry. This will give you a competitive edge.

To see more of their work, head over to their Instagram handles: Marco – @Marco_Louis and Muthoni – @muthoninjoba.

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