#AllOfMeTourKE: John Legend gives magical performance in Johannesburg

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Imagine this: thousands of people in the same space singing in unison, creating one magnificent and powerful voice.

Magic. That’s what the John Legend concert can be aptly described as!

The singer and song writer awed his fans on Sunday at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he performed some of his biggest hits.

Lulu Dikana, urban soul singer from Port Elizabeth, opened the show for John, lending her sweet voice to an anxious crowd and keeping everyone entertained. The songstress opened for all 3 shows in Johannesburg.

At about 9:15pm, the legend himself walked on stage and as the saying goes, the crowd went wild. Opening the show with his hit song “We Were Made To Love,” John then led the audience through his journey into his art.

He sarcastically described his first office day job as “very sexy work” which he’d abandon at night to pursue his dream of music. He revealed the hardships he had to endure such as rejection from every major record label including the one he’s currently singed to now. An irony indeed, to which he wittily remarked, “Everybody makes mistakes.”

45 minutes into the show and the crowd was still singing along to every song played, appreciating the artist’s strong voice and skilled band which included a string quartet, guitarist and drummer.

John even the let the audience in on his creative process explaining that he often starts by creating the beat and singing along in “gibberish.” He then went on to give the amused crowd a sample of this process!

Almost two hours into his concert, John Legend and his team exited the stage which left everyone rather perplexed as he had not performed his biggest hit yet: All Of Me.

45 seconds later, the award winning performer walked back on stage and much to everyone’s excitement, sang the biggest hit from his current album, Love In The Future.

As he sang the famous lyrics, “And all of me, loves all of you,” it almost felt like he has singing to each individual person in that room, declaring his love for them and the same could be said for the crowd who sang in unison.

It was truly a night to remember.

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