#AllOfMeTourKE: What to wear to a John Legend concert

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Now that D-Day is only 4 days away, we might as well address the elephant in the room. What do you wear to a John Legend concert?

To tackle this dilemma, consider the below:

Where is the concert being held?

It’s important to have a good understanding of the location as it determines a lot. Will it be shielded or is it out in the open? Will seating be provided or will you be on your feet all night? Let’s be honest, in as much as we all want to look cute for John Legend, wearing six inch heels to a concert held in a field with slightly rocky terrain isn’t the smartest move.

What’s the weather going to be like?

You know that app that tells you what the weather is going to be in different cities, on different days? Download it ladies.  Nothing is worse than wearing a light t-shirt and shorts for the night only to face the freezing cold or pouring rain the entire time. Or vice-versa. Don’t be that girl!

Analyse the ambiance

Dressing up for an Andrea Bocelli show and dressing up for a Cold Play concert shouldn’t yield the exact same results. Consider the performer and the ambiance and dress accordingly ladies!

You’re allowed to pull a wild card

In as much as we like to encourage embracing your personal style, now is the time to tweak it a little or just be all out experimental, if you so wish. Have fun and be creative!


Here are some looks that love!

What to Wear pic

What to Wear pic 2

Given that the concert will be held at the Coca Cola Dome and seating will be provided for the John Legend concert, we reckon you can have a little more leeway with what your wearing. Just as long as you… say it with me… stay chic!

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