Latest WhatsApp lets you disable the ‘double blue ticks’


WhatsApp recently launched the ‘double blue ticks’ feature that alerts users when their messages have been read . Not many people were thrilled with this feature and because of that, the WhatsApp crew have come up with a newer feature  “Read Receipts” which will allow you some freedom to choose whether you want your people to know if you have read their message or not.

The “Read Receipts” feature once enabled will of course allow you some privacy. People sending you messages will not be able to see the “blue tick marks” even if you’ve read the message. All that is needed to achieve this is enabling/disabling  the ‘Read Receipts’ feature  in your  WhatsApp settings. Once you’ve checked the “Read Receipts” feature on your WhasApp, it will be activated both ways, meaning that you will also not to be allowed to see the notifications activity of the other person. You will also not be able to turn off “Read receipts” for group chats.

As of now, to access the “Read Receipts” feature on your WhatsApp you will have to download the upgraded beta version of WhatsApp which is yet to be released in respective phone app stores.


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