Deep-fried dough in Kenya gets interesting with new Mr. Donut

PHOTO: Mr. Donut
PHOTO: Mr. Donut

Deep-fried dough confectionery, formed into a perfect circular ring shape, risen to fluffy perfection, sweetened and glazed with toppings such as icing sugar, sprinkles, chocolate and much, much more have arrived in Kenya.

Mr. Donut, located at Thika Road Mall in Nairobi, serves up American-style donuts and even unique creations such as the ‘Donutella,’ which sandwiches gooey Nutella spread in between two original glazed doughnut halves. Or better yet, give the currently trendy and food fashionable ‘Cronut’ – a croissant and doughnut in one – a try.

So what makes Mr. Donut’s donuts special? All of their donuts are actually eggless. Perfect for vegans or those watching their cholesterol levels and allergies; and did you know eggless doughnuts are also super moist?

Doughnut virgin? No problem, here are a couple of facts that every cruller and fritter lover should know:

Doughnut Vs. Donut

Donut didn’t appear until the 1920s thanks to an industrious Doughnut Machine Corporation that had set its sights on emerging foreign markets and felt a shorter spelling would be more catchy.

Types of doughnuts

There are yeast, cake, old-fashioned, glazed, cruller, twist, jelly, cream-filled, Long Johns, fritters, Dutchies, Beavertails, potato, sour cream, Malasadas, Beignets, sweet and savoury, and a whole lot more international versions. There’s obviously a lot of fried dough all over the world.
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