An ’emotional prosthetic’ for long-distance lovers designed


Pillow Talk

Couples separated by distance will soon be able to turn to a device that transmits the other’s heartbeat to bring them closer virtually, if not geographically.

Called Pillow Talk, the three-party device consists of a wristband that resembles many wearable fitness trackers, an app and a pillow speaker. The wristband picks up the wearer’s heartbeat and transmits it in real time via Bluetooth to the app, satisfying the emotional neediness that comes with separation. It will soon launch via a Kickstarter campaign.

Pillow Talk is similar in concept to Babybe which was invented to help soothe premature babies devoid of intimate contact while undergoing treatment in an incubator or attached to other medical equipment.

Parents clutch Babybe as if it were their baby, and the device picks up their heartbeat and respiration and transmits the information to a mattress where the baby lies.

Babybe was one of ten finalists in the Intel Make It Wearable Challenge, whose winner was announced this week.

This category of wearables was deemed “emotional prosthetics” by the captain of team Babybe and could become commonplace as the market expands.



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