5 reasons to embrace this rainy season!

Cover - Reasons to embrace rainy season

Usually the rainy season is met with sighs and woes of having absolutely nothing to wear and you know what? We totally understand. That being said, we’ve got five good reasons why you should embrace this weather.


It may not be an obvious fashion accessory but let’s be honest, if it’s going to be shielding you at any one point, it might as well be cute! Opt for interesting colours and patterns when it comes to umbrellas.

Leather Boots

Now is your chance to showcase your cute boots. Leave your suede boots at home and put your leather ones to good use – we don’t want to ruin your cute ones with the rain.


As one of my favourite wardrobe pieces, I can think of 1,001 reasons to get your coats out! Pick a coat with interesting features (either an interesting print, dual textures or masculine elements) and rock it on a night out with your girls or your man.


Just in case the weather doesn’t drop low enough for you to rock your coats every day, make sure you have some cute sweaters as options and wait for all the compliments to start coming in.


If ever there was a time for you to pull out your dark lip shades, it’s now. Trade in your bright pink and cherry red lipsticks with dark browns, deep plums and cool purples this season.

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