3 Old school makeup tips to revisit this week (and every week thereafter)


By Chantelle Bester

Some rules are made to be broken, but most of them are there for a reason – here are three to stick to.

1. No eyeliner in the waterline

This makes your eyes look narrower and smaller, which isn’t flattering except if you have really large, round eyes.

Put your eyeliner in the lash line instead.

2. No visible lipliner

Lipstick trends have been crossing over to the dark side in the last couple of seasons – it’s now trendy to wear dark, winter shades day and night, regardless of the season.

Keep your lipliner invisible though – a hard line creates the appearance of pursed lips.

3. Stick to your foundation shade

If the skin on your chest becomes darker in summer, don’t compensate by using darker foundation if your face is still the same shade.

Rather warm up your complexion with subtly added bronzer.

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