Would you make a sex tape?




Love makes us do stupid things, right? But top on the list has got to be the decision to make a sex tape. People usually make this mistake when in a really intense relationship. They think they’re genuinely in love, and they truly might be. But love blinds even the sharpest minds.

It may start off as a joke. One of you suggests, ‘Let’s make a video!’ You blush and giggle a little. Then it’s all forgotten…well, until the next time they ask. This time, you wonder how serious they are. You even find yourself flattered that they would actually love to immortalize your heavenly image on camera. A few weeks later you’re ready. You pick a date and even go shopping for some hot props (lingerie, furry handcuffs, a whip for the really adventurous 🙂 ). On D-Day, you have just enough wine to get you in the mood. In half an hour, the deed is done. You sit back and admire yourselves. You’re surprised at how hot you look.

A month later, you’ve broken up. In most breakups, the airing of dirty laundry always takes place. You totally forgot about the tape until he/she tells you they’re going to release it. The number one thought running through your mind is how you could have been so stupid!!!couple_in_bed_2_638597965.jpg

In this day and age, the possibility of the tape going public is only a facebook click away. Never forget that! If you don’t want it to go public, you probably shouldn’t be making it anyway. Before you make that critical decision, please take the time to answer a few questions for yourself. For example, do you plan on running for public office? Do you plan on having children who will have access to the internet? Does your partner get mad to the point of irrational behaviour? Are you in any way considered as a church leader in your place of worship? Do you have hopes for career advancement? Do you have trust issues with your partner (keeping in mind that just because you trust them doesn’t mean they wouldn’t stoop to sharing the tape)? If you answered YES to any of these questions, please DO NOT make a sex tape.

Now, for those of you who are still hell bent on ruining your lives with a sex tape, here are a few tips to keep in mind when making it. Number one, please attempt to conceal your identity. This can be achieved in many ways. You can try wearing a mask or a wig. You can also falsify a birthmark to throw people off. Try talking with an accent and never use your real names.

Never film footage on a mobile phone. That’s the easiest gadget to hack. It’s also easy for family and friends to find the footage accidentally on your phone.

It would also be a good idea to draw up a contract. There are many contract samples online. Or, just ask your lawyer for suggestions. You can copy and both sign this contract (with witnesses to sign too if you can cope with the embarrassment) to ensure that neither of you makes the footage public. Of course, this won’t stop an ex from sharing the film (or a thief from stealing it) but it will mean you can legally sue him/her if they do so against your wishes!

The only way to be sure your sex tape does not fall into the wrong hands is to keep the only copy. If you’re worried your sexy footage will get out, agree to record over it with your partner the moment you’ve watched it!!!

With all that said, would you still make a sex tape?




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