#NewMusic: Simphiwe Dana releases ‘My Light’ from new album



simphiwe my light

The Afor-soul songstress from South Africa, Simphiwe Dana, released her new single ‘My Light’ on Sunday.

‘My Light’ is the latest single from Dana’s fourth studio album Firebrand, which fans hope will be released before the end of the year.

Produced by Kunle Ayo, a Nigerian-born award-winning jazz guitarist, ‘My Light’ speaks to the Afro-soul singer’s love and appreciation for life.

“I wrote ‘My Light’ at a time when my son’s smile is all that kept me going,” shares Dana on her SoundCloud.

‘My Light’ has a very pan-African vibe, which is reflected in the song’s approach. With very sensual undertones, Dana’s latest single redefines easy listening.

Check out ‘My Light’ below:



On the dark side of the moon
Is where I felt I reside
Till the day I met you
I was cold
Frozen inside

When the whole world had turned on me
And others couldn’t decide
You’re the smile in my tears
You are
The smile in my tears

You’re my light
You’re my light

When others think it’s fair to judge me
Can you lend me your smile
That’s all I need for the day
And you are
My kind of joy
In the wilderness of my feelings
In the brokenness of my dreaming
And you are

You’re my light
You’re my light
You’re my light
You’re my light

You’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever known
Sweetest thing I’ve ever known

In the dreariness of my feelings
In the loftiness of my dreaming

And you are

You’re my light X4

(You’re the light in my heart
Shining bright in my heart
Guiding me to a better day
Sweetest thing) x4

Written by Simphiwe Dana
Music by Simphiwe Dana and Kunle Ayo

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