Rita Ora boosts DKNY fragrance sales by 249 percent

Rita Ora

The ‘How We Do’ hitmaker – who is an acting ambassador for the brand and became the face of their latest perfume MYNY at the beginning of the summer – has increased the New York-based fashion house’s fragrance sales by the huge figure and is expected to sell over 250,000 units by Christmas, reports MailOnline.

The ad campaign – which is set to become the most successful in the brand’s history – saw the demand for the fragrance soar, with over three and a half times more perfume being sold in the UK than in August the previous year.

The label’s founder Donna Karen insists she has always had faith in Rita’s performance and thinks the 23-year-old singer is the perfect ambassador for her brand.

The 56-year-old designer said: “If Rita can’t sell it, I don’t know who can.

“I think Rita’s a great representative of DKNY. She’s full of life, she’s about what everyone wants to feel – energy. And I find her ageless. She’s like this Energizer Bunny who can wear anything from track shoes to stilettos, DKNY to Donna Karan. I love the girl as a person, too. She walks the talk.”

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