Fashion-inspired Halloween costume ideas

Beyonce as an angel

For the Halloween fanatics who have a party to attend and have no idea where to start finding an appropriate outfit, this one’s for you.

We love a good costume party but sometimes dressing as Spongebob may not seem too appealing, not to mention unexciting from a fashion perspective.

After some heavy browsing, we narrowed down our favourite, celebrity-inspired costume ideas which are not only easy to put together but also have an interesting fashion angle to them. Scroll to see which one tickles your fancy!

Ashley Madekwe as Karl Lagerfield's cat

Ashley Madekwe

Seriously guys. Ashley Madekwe dressing as Karl Lagerfield’s cat must be the most fashion forward Halloween costume of all times! If you agree, raise your paws.

Nicole Ritchie as a cat

Nicole Ritchie

Ok. So maybe she didn’t actually rock this look for Halloween but can you blame us for including it here? Not only is it an easy, stress free ensemble (all you need is faux cat ears) but it’s also a fiercely sexy look – especially when paired with a dramatic cat eye. Meow!

Beyonce as an angel

Beyonce Knowles

Honestly, we’re not sure if Beyonce was pretty much going as herself in this little number because let’s face it, she’s an angel in disguise. Can you see the halo? Not only is this look easy to pull off (all you need are angel wings) but it also allows you to be as experimental as you wish with fashion as you need is an all white ensemble.

Print mixing as Cruella De Vil

Iggy Azalea

For those who like a little print mix challenge, you’re going to love this look. Iggy Azalea as Cruella De Vil is pretty spot on and the fact that she actually got a Dalmatian to compliment her look just took this outfit to the next level.

Heidi Klum as Old Lady

Heidi Klum

Perhaps getting your hands on a special effects makeup artist is a little too much but honestly, a simple wig would do in this case. For those interested in a little vintage glam session, consider following Heidi Klum’s suit. She’s virtually unrecognizable in this number and if you love some vintage pieces, this is your chance to shine!

Kim Kardashian as a leopard

Kim Kardashian

For those with an affinity for animal print, feast your eyes on a fierce and feisty outfit. If you don’t happen to own a jumpsuit/onesie, you can pair some animal print tights and top together and use some eye liner to add whiskers to your face.

Rihanna as Left Eye


If you happen to have easy access to a little blue paint (non-toxic, of course) and a bandana, you can easily pull off the Left Eye (Lisa Lopes) look as Rihanna did here. Just remember to only give air kisses and high fives – no one will want any blue residue on their outfits!

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