Australian DJ responsible for Kate Middleton hoax threatened with ‘bullets’

Kate Middleton

The Australian DJ who was responsible for the hospital prank call in 2013 has revealed that she received “bullets” and “death threats”.

Melanie Greig pretended to be the Queen during a hoax phone call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge staying at the early stages of her pregnancy with Prince George.

The unassuming nurse, Jacintha Saldanha who answered the phone and revealed personal information about the royals committed suicide.

Talking about the consequences of her actions on ‘Newsnight’ last week, Melanie said: “I was in lockdown for months. There were bullets with our name on it sent to police stations.

“Luckily I can handle it now, but there was a time when I could not handle it and I believed it.”

The DJ also revealed that her mother had been contacted by angry listeners who left her messages which stated: “[An] eye for an eye, you deserve to die”.

Melanie had previously spoken of her regret at an inquest into Saldanha’s suicide in September.

She said: “To fellow announcers and DJs, I urge you to speak up if you don’t feel comfortable and consider the feeling of others when trying to make a joke.

“The joke should always be on us, the DJs.”

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