Three star establishment, five star menu

pride inn kenya

By Olive Burrows

Pride Inn’s management describes their facilities as a true three star hotels — having met all the requisite standards.

And not a, “three star pretending to be a five star,” either they say.

But as far as their menu goes, I beg to differ; Chef Nguyo Milcinovic introducing a sophisticated flair to the usual chips and fish fare.

The English influence on his menu is unmistakable given the five years he spent working as a chef in the United Kingdom.

The main dish offerings calling to mind adjectives such as warm, filling, rich, comforting and the noun home.

Chef Milcinovic is also all about flavour; keen on drawing the most out of the meats as the potatoes. And to the point that salt and pepper are no longer part of the Pride Inn standard table setting.

Anyone who partook of Panafric’s Flame Tree steaks or pork chops between 2008 and 2012 when Milcinovic was Head Chef will undoubtedly recall their succulence, tenderness.

Both of which he brings to his prime grilled rump steak with sweet potato and pan-seared duck breast with pineapple glazed carrots, garlic mash potato and cranberry jus.

Those with more adventurous palettes should enjoy the orange scented lamb shank and wild mushroom risotto with roast butternut puree which I found a little too rich for my taste.

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