#PinkBig Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Today is #NoBraDay

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In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month, which falls on the month of October, unique campaigns raising awareness have been popping up all over the world including October 13th as #NoBraDay.

According to Africa Cancer Foundation, there are several risk factors that may increase the probability that a woman will get breast cancer. However some women who have risk factors never develop breast cancer, it is still important to go for a preventative screening.

Some risk factors include:

–          Age: The chance of getting breast cancer increases as you get older

–          Personal health history

–          Family health history

–          Certain genome changes

–          Radiation therapy to the chest

–          Reproductive and menstrual history

–          Race

–          Breast density

–          Being overweight or obese after menopause

–          Lack of physical activity

–          Drinking alcohol

People all over social media are participating in #NoBraDay – raising awareness for a good cause and having a little fun doing it as well. #NoBraDay is trending globally on social media and what are people posting?

Check out some of the posts below:

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