Bobbi Brown almost missed out on make-up career

bobbi brown

Famed cosmetics founder, Bobbi Brown has revealed that her parents never thought she would be a career woman.

The make-up maven has admitted that her carefree attitude towards school led her mother and father to think that she would become a stay at home mum.

In an interview with Marie Claire magazine, the 57-year-old businesswoman shared: “I didn’t care what grades I got and never thought about my future. Whenever I came home with bad grades my parents wouldn’t punish me, instead they’d say, ‘Oh she’ll probably be a great mum and not have a career.’ So I never had any pressure and look what happened!”

Bobbi also explained that she felt very insecure as she was growing up which inspired her to start the Pretty Powerful campaign, which works with the charity Supporting Smart Works to provide women with clothes and interview advice.

She noted that working as a mentor on the scheme has included drawing on personal experience. 

Bobbi added: “I always had insecurities about being cute enough, like any teenage girl.”