Hidden bra camera busts sneaky onlookers


In an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer, an interesting experiment busted (pun intended) several peeping Thoms who couldn’t help but check out one lady’s breasts.

Nestlé FITNESS’ idea to capture these onlookers was their way of reminding women around the world to “check their breasts regularly to help prevent breast cancer.”

The video was released a week before October, a month dedicated to raising awareness to breast cancer, and has already garnered 2.7million views.

The Nestlé team sneakily disguised a hidden camera as a button on the actress’ bring pink bra and had her walk around town.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t just the men who stared on but women, children and even dogs are caught by the camera staring at her breasts as the camera records a total of 38 glances.

Watch the video below.

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