Nairobi crowned 30th on PwC’s Cities of Opportunities index


Nairobi has been ranked 30th, out of a list of 30 cities, in Price Waterhouse Cooper’s sixth edition of Cities of Opportunities index.

The Index analyzes the trajectory of 30 of the world’s most significant cities – after being judged on levels of all capitals of finance, commerce, intellectual capital and innovation, technology, number of tourists and airports, transportation, healthcare, crime, sustainability, pollution, liveability and culture – just to name a few.

The 30 chosen cities – which included London, New York, Johannesburg and Nairobi – were selected based on three criteria: cities that are capital market centers, represent a broad geographic sampling, and comprise both mature and emerging economies.

Here’s how the world’s top 30 cities did:

1) London

2) New York

3) Singapore

4) Toronto

5) San Francisco

6) Paris

7) Stockholm

8) Hong Kong

9) Sydney

10) Chicago

11) Berlin

12) Los Angeles

13) Tokyo

14) Seoul

15) Madrid

16) Dubai

17) Kuala Lumpur

18) Milan

19) Beijing

20) Shanghai

21) Moscow

22) Mexico City

23) Johannesburg

24) Buenos Aires

25) Istanbul

26) Sao Paulo

27) Rio de Janeiro

28) Mumbai

29) Jakarta

30) Nairobi




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