#HonestJoe: 3 men respond to 9 fashion trends!


We like to think that the world loves our cute ensembles just as much as we do, but what if we’ve been lying to ourselves this whole time?

After asking three guys to give me their take on some of the latest fashion trends, I’m convinced that men and women are definitely not cut from the same cloth (forgive the pun) and that sometimes, we’re better off just dressing up for ourselves since not everybody will get it.

You’re in for some interesting discoveries, ladies!


Solo: She’s a step ahead of everyone else. Stylish.

Moha: Ah, I like that! That’s tight.

Muba: Niiiice.



Solo: Those are funky.

Moha: Not really stylish but looks comfortable.

Muba: They look funny. Not sure what to say.


Boyfriend Jeans

Solo: Mmmm… Naughty but nice.

Moha: No. Too loose. Not stylish.

Muba: That’s cool.


Crop Top

Solo: Brave and shows confidence. Not everybody can rock that.

Moha: That looks pretty cool.

Muba: Eish. Any day.


Trouser Suit

Solo: For the girl on the move. Not really weekend or church-appropriate.

Moha: Great office wear.

Muba: *sighs* I don’t know. It’s not bad but it doesn’t do anything for me.


Bright Lips

Solo: Is it a cry for attention? I don’t get it.

Moha: Too much. Overdone.

Muba: This is just too bright but red is good.



Solo: This is the perfect outfit for a Friday – great for day and night.

Moha: That’s hot. Quite sexy.

Muba: On her it doesn’t look good but someone with an ass would look great.



Solo: She’s laid back and easy going.

Moha: That’s ok. That looks comfortable. She looks confident.

Muba: Never ever. Why would you do that?


Natural Hair

Solo: It depends on the type of hair you have. Not everyone can pull it off. I still prefer natural over bad weaves

Moha: I prefer that to a weave but she needs to do something better with it.

Muba: *thumbs up* that’s perfect!

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