Beauty lessons from this season’s runways


We get it. Fashion week is a time when designers get to be as creatively expressive as possible as they showcase their avant garde designs on the runway. Half the time, we can’t exactly rock these looks anywhere but regardless, the runways is a great place to draw inspiration from and the same goes for makeup.

We listed down the 5 main wearable beauty tips we got from the runway at this season’s fashion week.

Metallic Smokey Eye

Metalic Smokey Eye

You should always leave room for a little mystery in our lives and this time, it comes to you in the form of  a metallic smokey eye!

Natural Glow

Natural Glow

The runways may have been filled with a lot of dramatic prints, cuts and colours but the models’ makeup often took on a very natural feel. One way to make sure your outfit and makeup aren’t competing for attention is to ease up on the coloured eye shadow, strong blush and bright lip all together.

Sleek and Centered

Sleek and Centre

There’s nothing like some slicked back, center parted hair to show that you really do mean business. This look is not only clean and chic but it’s also a very strong, work appropriate style.

Halfway Through

Halfway Through

For a little drama around your eyes, try opting for some strong eyeliner that goes halfway through your top and bottom eyelid.

No Makeup

No Makeup

If you’ve got great skin, consider skipping on makeup all together like the models from the Marc Jacobs show.

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