Detox juice recipes to benefit your health


Juicing should be the new black!  Just like in fashion with the color black-which  is that fashionable color that should feature in everyone’s wardrobe- juicing should be a MUST do for everyone seeking perfect health, what with the various functions those natural juices perform in our bodies like reducing excess  body fat,  improving metabolism, boosting brain power, extinguishing joint pains etc …you name it!  Juicing (i.e drinking natural fruits and vegetables juices helps keep that doctor we love to hate away leaving you in “peace of health”. Detox juices are a cheaper, nutritious way to amass wealth in your health.

Below are a few recipes that could help you sort out your health

1) Boost your immune system:

The Turbo Express Juice

2 apples | A handful of spinach leaves | 1 slice of cucumber | 1 slice of lime | Half a celery stick | ¼ pineapple | ¼ avocado | Ice cubes

2) Get low cholesterol:

The Minty Beta Juice

4 carrots | Small handful of diced mint leaves | ½ tsp spirulina

3)Cleanse your digestive system:

The Detox Juice

2 apples | ¼ cucumber | 1 stick of celery | 1 handful of spinach | A handful of mixed green leaves like parsley and watercress | Ice cubes

4) Healthy bones:

The Iron Man Juice

1 apple | ¼ pineapple | ¼ banana | 200g natural yoghurt (soya if vegan) | Half tsp spirulina

5) Nature’s natural decongestant:

The Ginger Zinger Juice

2 apples | 2 carrots | 1 slice of lemon | ¼ inch ginger | Ice cubes

6) Control your blood pressure:

The Booster Juice

2 apples | Half a pineapple | ¼ mug alfalfa sprouts | ¼ mug watercress | ¼ mug parsley | ¼ mug of kale | ¼ mug broccoli | 1 tsp wheatgrass powder | Ice cubes

7) Hydrate your skin:

The Hot ‘n’ Spicy Juice

What’s in it? 3 apples | A pinch of cinnamon

8) King of anti-cancer:

The Super Chute Juice

2 apples | A handful of mixed green leaves | Small carrot chunk | Handful of alfalfa sprouts | Slice of cucumber | Half a stick of celery | Slice of broccoli stem | ¼ inch slice of raw, unpeeled beetroot | ¼ inch slice raw courgette | ¼ inch slice ginger | Ice cubes

So what are you still waiting for? Get yourself that juice extractor, get juicing and become that bundle of health.




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