Viceroy 5 rewards customers with trip to Cape Town, the home of Van Ryn’s

Viceroy 5 launched a campaign dubbed “One Viceroy, Five Friends” which will provide an opportunity for over 60 Viceroy Brandy consumers to visit Cape Town which is one of the top 50 places to go to in 2014 as stated in the travel column of the New York Times. The three month promotion will run from 1st September to 30th November 2014 with three monthly draws where distributors, consumers, bar owners, bar managers and media will be selected.

Viceroy is steeped in rich brandy-making history dating back to 1845 when Jan Van Ryn established the Van Ryn’s Wine and Spirit Company. The timeless art of maturation plays a very important part in the making of Viceroy. The pot still content of our brandy is matured for 5 years. Viceroy, through a national consumer promotion will also promote its brand pillars which represent the route to market. The pillars that represent Viceroy 5 include: The Provider (Distributor), The Brandy Master (Bartender), The Craftsman (Bar Manager), The Chauffeur (Media) and You (Consumer).

KWAL Marketing Manager, Jane Mugun explained that this campaign is aimed at rewarding all stakeholders who have been supporting the brand over the years with an opportunity to travel to the Van Ryn’s Distillery, the home of Viceroy Brandy in Cape Town for 4 days and 3 nights.This is due to the fact that it is the only brandy distillery in South Africa with a cooperage to maintain its barrels, a major investment to the distillery.

A tour of the distillery will provide an opportunity for the stakeholders and consumers of brandy to learn about the origins of Van Ryn’s and sample the international award winning reserves with selected brandy pairing confections and canapés. The melodic tap during the barrel making process resounds within the untouched age old architecture of the Distillery and adds to the unique, memorable experience at the Van Ryn’s Distillery.

The “One Viceroy, Five Friends” campaign promotes bonding, sharing and friendships. “We hope the campaign and the trip opens up new ways of interaction amongst the different groups to create memorable bonding experiences.With the rich culture and heritage in Cape Town, the winners will have a lot to experience and carry back home’’ explained Jane Mugun. The itinerary to Cape Town also includes a tour to the iconic Table Mountain.


More photos from the event

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