Nick Cannon wears Ksh178 million shoes

Nick Cannon, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel at ''America's Got Talent'' in NYC

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ host sported the pair of custom-made diamond encrusted Tom Ford slip-ons during the final of the US version of reality competition last night (16.09.14).

The 33-year-old presenter commissioned Beverly Hills jeweller Jason Arasheben to design the shoes which took over a year to create and cost a staggering $1 million each.

According to WWD, the fancy footwear – which has been encrusted with over 14,000 white diamonds – weighs in at a huge 340 carats and has attracted the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records, who are currently reviewing the shoes as candidates for the Most Valuable Pair of Shows in the world.

Jason said before the show: “I’m expecting a ‘wow’ factor for tonight. Not very often do I get a request for the most expensive shoes in the world.

“When Nick approached me last year, he said he wanted to make history and be so over-the-top. He wanted to set a new standard in diamonds. ‘How can we make the most expensive pair of shoes in the world and make this finale special?’ he asked me.”

Although Jason was keen to take on the project he admitted that his team encountered numerous difficulties throughout the design process, including making the shoes wearable.

He explained: “The process took more than 2,000 hours of work and close to a year to complete. It took four months alone to source all of the diamonds and create them the same size to make the shoe.

“We didn’t want him looking like Frankenstein when he walked. We still needed to consider functionality.

“He’s not going to win a race or play basketball with these. It’s still a piece of jewelry. As long as he’s not too overly aggressive in the shoes, everything should be all right.”

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