5 good reasons to stock up on scarves


If you aren’t already building your scarf collection, here’s 5 good reasons why you should start now. You can thank us later once you see how versatile one accessory can be!

Tie it around your neck

Neck Scarf

Not only does it help keep your chest warm, it also add a little colour, print or texture to your outfit. Win win!

Belt it Up


Why not trade in your belt for this little number. It can either help cinch in your waist or take it through the belt loops as an actual belt

Accessories your bag


If you want to add a fun, personal flair to your handbag, you could always take a scarf and tie it around the handle.

Use it in your hair

Hair Scarf

Consider adding a beautiful silk scarf to your collection for your hair. The smaller, the better in this instance!


Sarong Web

If you’re looking for a quick cover up for the beach, why not grab a large scarf which you can either tie round your waist or neck.

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