Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein crown NY Fashion Week



Design royalty Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein sent their spring/summer 2015 collections down the catwalks ahead of Marc Jacobs Thursday as New York Fashion Week gives way to the European season.

Sage green ghurka cotton cargo pants, safari chic, tulle evening gowns and golden sandals — Ralph Lauren’s woman is an adventurer and a princess.

There was a deep amethyst silk top, lemon silk taffeta made into a blouson jacket, hot pink and bright orange paired with the preponderance of sage green.

For daywear there were jodhpurs, suede cargo pants, cotton safari shirts and a safari jacket, a suede skirt, and suede peplum and nude tulle beaded tops.

The evening look was a hot pink evening gown with tulle skirt and tight bodice, cinched at the waist with a belt. Or a full yellow tulle skirt paired with a sage green safari shirt, opened at the neck to reveal layered beads in a necklace.

“Beautiful, gorgeous, chic, safari chic, I think he took us to Africa,” said Avil Graham, journalist at Harper’s Bazaar US.

It was the second collection of the week for Lauren, 74, who unveiled his Polo line to great fanfare at an innovative 4D holographic event in Central Park.

“He’s an American icon so he’s just fantastic. You couldn’t have a fashion week without Ralph Lauren,” said Suzanne Donaldson from the Mrs Sizzle website.

Over at Calvin Klein, womenswear creative director, the Brazilian-born Francisco Costa, offered a total contrast in black, navy, white, red and silver.

Actress and New York fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker sat in the front row next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour for a show that did little to deviate from the vintage Klein look.

– Stainless belts, perforated leather –

The key look was a sleeveless dress worn over a longer viscose fluted skirt, whose slender cut was amplified by a high-waisted thin stainless belt.

The same look was repeated again and again, copied in patchwork black and navy, or with an oversized pleated pant.

There was a striking navy leather jacket flared below the waist, mesh honeycomb knit dresses, lacquer-perforated leather coats and T-shirt dresses, jacquard coats and tank dresses.

For evening, the look remained plain, a beautifully tailored white viscose sleeveless dress with plain metal detail on the shoulder. Collar lines were all round at the neck.

Costa appeared at the end of the catwalk show for a brief, modest bow and a smile to very muted applause.

Marc Jacobs holds the final catwalk show, before the London, Paris and Milan events take up the relay.

Ruth Finley, 90, who created and for decades has run the Fashion Calendar guide to Fashion Week, told AFP she had enjoyed the strong use of color on the runway.

“It was amazing. There were so many shows, more than 300 and every show was packed, every seat was taken,” she said.

“Ralph Lauren showed a lot of color. Beautiful, really beautiful clothes and I love the color.”

Carolina Herrera — who turned heads with her use of a new fabric called techno pique — was also “terrific, absolutely great,” said Finley.



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