#AskTheGirls E04: Passion Pays

#AskTheGirls Cover

Today, the girls tackle the issue of how to make your passion work for you and we couldn’t think of a more fitting topic for them to address.

As a lover of all things fashion & lifestyle oriented and a food & travel enthusiast, Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong (respectively) have managed to turn their passions into their careers. They address questions like how to make a business out of it and share some valuable advice they’ve learned along the way.

The girls took to paddle boating for this video and had Uhuru Park as the beautiful backdrop. Apologies in advance for some of the extra movement in the clip but what can you do when paddle boats are involved?

P.S.: #AskTheGirls is finally coming of age and things will be looking a little different around here. We’re excited to share with you the new look! Any guesses what our new web series will be called?

Watch the video below:

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