5 good reasons to embrace sisal baskets (kiondos)

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If you grew up in Kenya then chances are you’ve probably had a kiondo (handwoven sisal bag) or some form of sisal basket in your house at one point or another. Most people have used it during their shopping trips to ferry fruits and vegetables from the market but we found quick and easy ways to incorporate this piece.

We listed down five chic ways to use this piece in a way that will add a fun yet personal touch to your space. Best thing about it, sisal baskets are not only easily accessible in Kenya but, with the myriad of patterns available, you can always pick the colours that resonate with your style the best!

Storage option

1. We all have those moments where we find ourselves wishing we could call on little elves to quickly get rid off an ugly mess. Instead, try getting a basket in the size that fits your space and use it to store away the clutter. Whether it’s dirty clothes, your kids toys or extra wires and cables that are often left lying around – pop them into this basket and watch your space get clutter free instantly.


Flower vase

2. To add a bit of texture and pattern to your flower vase, opt for sisal baskets in the colours and patterns that tickle your fancy. You can pop your gorgeous flowers into a plain jar and place that into the basket. To prevent any accidents, make sure the base is stable so that your vase doesn’t topple over.


Fruit basket

3. We already know the convenience of using a kiondo to ferry fruits and vegetables from the market to your kitchen, but how about finding a small, cute option to actually display your fruits? You’d be surprised how quickly it will give your space a warm and organic feel.



4. I’ll be honest, it wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t give a fashion-related option to using your kiondo so of course I had to put it here. Pick a kiondo in a colour that suits your style, pop your things in it and voila – your day bag is all ready to go! Best part about it? We now have little ornaments that can be added to your bag to make it that much more interesting.


Pot Cover

5. For those looking to grow their own herbs but don’t happen to have their own garden or perhaps want a prettier option, consider using a sisal basket. You don’t have to worry about displaying an ugly container – get a sisal basket with some structure to it and watch your basil, mint or rosemary sprout.

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