Choosing the perfect lippie color for your skin tone

Lipstick is one beauty product that has been around since forever and that being so there are countless lipstick colors and countless lipstick shades in the world and some even made specifically to suit the beautiful black skin.

It is important to note though, that lipstick is not for every woman! And there are certain colors that suit only certain people. And when choosing your perfect lipstick colors, the biggest factor you have to put into consideration is your exact complexion. There are three types of complexions…

Light skin tone– The colors that will work best for you are pinks, peaches, taupes and reds

Medium skin tone – You can wear Red, medium to deep pink, Magenta, Bronze and Browns

Dark skin tone – You can wear Deep red, Fuchsia, and  chocolate brown

The easiest way to know the lipstick color that will work for you is based on your skin undertone. There are three types of skin undertones...Cool, Warm and Neutral. The easiest way to figure out your skin undertone is by the looking at the color of your veins on your hands.

*If your veins are blue  then you have  Cool skin  undertone.

Women with this skin tone can brighten their complexions by choosing lipstick shades with blue as the base colors like red, magenta, berry, rose, pink, coffee brown (all these should have a blue base).

PS: Colors to avoid are neutral colors as these might make you look like you’ve been eating chalk dust

*If your veins are green or yellow then you have warm skin undertone.

Women with warm skin tones look best in earth tone colors.

The best lipstick shades for women with warm undertones are: Rich brown, Coral, Orange or yellow based red, burgundy, caramel, mauve and wine.

PS: Colors to avoid are: bright pinks and browns that are too light.

*If your veins have a mixture of both blue and green then you have a neutral skin undertone and almost any color can work for you…even the neutrals!

Kerry Washington below, looks good in almost every lipstick color and she knows how to choose colors that complement her perfectly.


It’s all about lips….

Whose lips are these anyway? Can you match the pouts with their owner and score 9/9?





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