Sofia Vergara is highest paid TV actress

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara has been named the highest paid US TV actress for a third year running.

The ‘Modern Family’ star – who earns $325,000 for each episode of the comedy series – reportedly raked in an estimated $37 million between June 2013 and June 2014, putting her at the top of Forbes magazine’s annual list.

In addition to her lucrative acting career, the 42-year-old Colombian actress, who is dating former ‘True Blood’ star Joe Manganiello, also made millions from her numerous endorsement deals with Diet Pepsi, Cover Girl, Kmart and other companies.

She also co-founded Latin World Entertainment, a talent, management and entertainment marketing firm.

Emmy-winning ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ actress Mariska Hargitay, 50, – who is paid $450,000 per episode – came in second place again after earning $13 million, while ‘The Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, 28, came in third with $11 million.

Other actresses on this year’s list include ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star Ellen Pompeo, 44, ‘Girls’ creator and star Lena Dunham, 28, ‘The Good Wife’ beauty Julianna Margulies, 48, and Cobie Smulders, 32, from ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

The top 10 actresses on the 2014 list made a combined $140 million.

Forbes Highest paid US TV Actresses (

1. Sofia Vergara – $37 million

2. Mariska Hargitay – $13 million

3. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting – $11 million

4. Juliana Margulies, Ellen Pompeo and Cobie Smulders – $10 million

5. Alyson Hannigan – $9.5 million

6. Amy Poehler – $7 million

7. Mindy Kaling – $6.5 million

8. Kerry Washington, Zooey Deschanel, Courteney Cox – $6 million

9. Claire Danes – $5 million

10. Lena Dunham – $3.5 million

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