Vivienne Westwood inducted into fashion hall of fame

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood will be inducted into the Scottish Fashion Awards Hall of Fame.

The Brit-born designer will be honoured at the ceremony in London this evening (01.09.14) with the award which was created for those of have made “a significant contribution to Scottish fashion and industry”.

According to the awards’ founder Tessa Hartmann, the 73 year old has been chosen for the accolade as she represents the “powerful and subversive originality of British fashion”.

She explained: “Vivienne has had an undeterred loyalty and unparalleled love and passion for Scottish textiles and fabrics, which she has consistently used within her collections throughout the years.

“She personifies the powerful and subversive originality of British fashion and has done more for Scottish textiles than probably any other designer of her generation. Her brand name is synonymous with the tartan pattern and her fascination for this iconic fabric is unrelenting. By using a mix of different tartans, her ensembles explore the rich depth of colour and diversity of the traditional checked pattern that is adorned around the world.”

Alistair Carmichael, the secretary of state for Scotland believes that through the use of her signature tartan fabrics, Vivienne has “established a lasting legacy for Scottish textiles”.

He explained: “The Scottish fashion industry will be forever indebted to Dame Westwood, who has established a lasting legacy for Scottish textiles, yarns and fabrics.”

Previous winners include model Stella Tennant, photographers Rankin and Albert Watson, fashion writer Colin McDowell and hair stylist Sam McKnight

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