10 bags every woman should own in her lifetime

10 bags every woman should own in her lifetime

As a ritual, a woman should never leave the house without a bag, however small.

To be honest, it’s really not your fault. I mean, how else can you carry the wallet, lipstick, hand sanitizer and sunglasses that have to be with you at all times? We totally understand the importance of a good handbag and truthfully, we might as well refer to this accessory as your third arm!

We listed down the 10 types of handbags that every woman should own in their lifetime. Get scrolling, ladies.

Totes Rocking It

For the woman who likes to carry her entire life in her bag, the tote is a must have. What better way to hide your brolly, favourite novel and an extra pair of flats? Seriously.


Beach Bag Babe

We all love a little pool action every once in a while and we wouldn’t want to carry our precious suede bag to the pool lest it gets destroyed by the chlorine in the water, right?


Black Beauty

A black leather bag. Need we say more?


Clutched The Day

Nothing like a chic day clutch to ump up your outfit. Trust us, this will sure come in handy.


Cross Body Bag

If you’re going be active, you sure won’t want one of your hands handling a bag (no pun intended). In comes the cross body bag to the rescue, you’ll thank us later ladies!


Designer Classic

There’s nothing wrong with a little splurging every once in a while. Work hard, make money, live a little…

Duffel Bag

We like to think of duffel bags as a great start to an epic weekend plan, don’t you?


Evening Jewels

Nothing like a bejeweled clutch to add a little pizzazz to your evening outfit!

The Mama Drama

Because life is too short to own basic handbags.


Time For Structure

We all need a little structure in our lives so why not start with a great structured bag? Besides, it’s a great way to polish up your look and can transition into a professional environment easily!

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