Kaz, The Naked Truth

Photo: Sharon Mundia
Photo: Sharon Mundia

Thursday found music lovers and fans of Karen Lucas, at the Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre for a snippet of her up and coming album, The Naked Truth. The singer, better known as Kaz, did not disappoint.

Despite starting a little late, the show was a filled with strong vocals, great instrumentals and infused with comedy, making it well worth the wait.

Xenia opened the show with her outstanding vocals performing several songs including Etta James’ iconic number, All I Could Do Was Cry. Afterwards all I could do was gape!  She was joined on stage by the band which included Kaz’s brother, Ken Lucas.

Dressed in a long muted canary yellow gown that worked beautifully against her band’s all white ensemble, Kaz entertained the crowd as she went through the songs from her new album. Each song was preceded by a short, candid and funny introduction leaving fans amused. My favourite? One Night Stand.

To end the night, Kaz pulled some of her audience members for a quick jig on stage and even got Mercy Myra to join in on the fun.

Besides her 16 year career in music, she has also had a successful career in acting. Kaz is hoping to release her album later this year and I, for one, cannot wait.

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