Foods you should never put in the freezer

Can you imagine eating an apple that tasted completely like a sponge? Or a cucumber that tasted like soaked socks or worse? Dis. Gus.Ting!

Some foods will just never be the same again once you put them in the freezer. While you may think you are preserving them to use at a future date you may be actually either  killing their natural flavors or altering their taste to the point they taste like something totally different. Below, find the foods you should never put in your freezer!


#Raw vegetables and fruits

These will quickly lose their color, texture, and flavor when frozen

#Most (Natural) Spices

Peppers, cloves, garlic, and some herbs tend to become too strong and maybe even bitter. Frozen salt will lose its flavor completely.

#Sour Cream

It separates when frozen and then thawed.


Eggs in the shell will burst and explode, while cooked egg whites become tough and rubbery.

#Fried Food

Fried food will lose its signature crispness unless you fry it again, but in which case you will just be adding extra fat to the food.

#Cheese in Blocks

Frozen cheese crumbles.

#Icings Made From Egg Whites; Cream Pies

These desserts can become a melty, watery, separated disaster when frozen.

#Cooked Pasta or Rice

Once you decide to freeze cooked pasta or rice its a wrap! No amount of sauce will salvage the mess you will get afterwards.


Putting yogurt in the freezer will change its texture. You won’t end up with something like frozen yogurt but with yogurt with separated particles (i.e if the messy separated result can still be called yogurt).


Frozen milk becomes lumpy when you thaw it.

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