#TrendAlert: Rise of the pineapple print

Celebrity Pineapple 4

It appears that the pineapple, our favourite tropical fruit with a very distinct texture, has managed to get everyone going bananas over it.

We’ve seen a surge in the fashion industry of clothes with fruit prints on it but nothing seems to have lasted as long as the pineapple. This sweet treat has seen in it’s way into many fashionista’s closets including some celebrities like Rihanna and Cara Delevingne.

We rounded up some of our favourite street style photos and looks with this tropical fruit print to inspire you.

What do you think? Love it to the end or is it a fleeting trend?

Pineapple dress 1Pineapple 2 J

pineapple 7

Pineapple Print top

Pineapple 5

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