Roberto Cavalli sued for copying graffiti

Roberto Cavalli

A group of Northern Californian street artists have filed a lawsuit against the fashion designer, claiming he lifted various graffiti-style patterns for a new collection titled Just Cavalli.

Jason Williams, Victor Chapa, and Jeffrey Rubin believe the label has infringed their copyright on a graffiti work they did in San Francisco’s Mission district.

In the suit, obtained by, it’s claimed: “Just Cavalli introduced a clothing and accessories collection in which every square inch of every piece – including clothing, bags, backpacks, and shoes – was adorned with graffiti art.

“If this literal misappropriation was not bad enough, Cavalli sometimes chose to do its own painting over that of the artists – superimposing the Just Cavalli name in spray-paint style as if were part of the original work. Sometimes, Cavalli added what appears to be a signature, creating the false impression that Roberto Cavalli himself was the artist.”

The trio of artists are seeking damages from Cavalli and want the line to be discontinued.

The lawsuit comes just months after an Islamic school accused the brand of stealing its trademark logo and using it to advertise a Just Cavalli perfume.

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