#AskTheGirls E02: Relationships and the art of bed making


#AskTheGirls Cover 2

The second episode of #AskTheGirls is finally out and as usual, the ladies kept it quirky.

Sharon Mundia (@thisisess) and Susan Wong (@SusanLUCKYWong) discussed the various stages of a relationship while using a bed as the analogy. Sounds odd? Wait till you watch the video!

Fairmont The Norfolk were gracious enough to host the ladies for this episode and they had David Losengeli, the Assistant Executive Housekeeper, take them through the seemingly simple yet intricate process of bed making.

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Who knows, maybe they’ll be addressed next week!


  • Amos

    That is a great interview. And the joke about pocketing a spoon must be treated as that :).

  • marloow

    This is a very interesting if somewhat “fluffy” interview.

    Kenya can learn and benefit tremendously from China. The country’s development trajectory has been simply amazing…though it has come at a price to its people and the environment.

    Below are some observations:

    i) As partly illustrated in this interview, Kenyans cannot subjugate themselves in relationships with other countries. The notion that China and the Chinese are “special” is a curious one and frankly not even sure what being “special” even means. Somehow we have always thought of foreigners as “better than us”…That is what we did with the now-reviled “wazungu” from the west and to a certain extent, still do – look at how we fawn over them in restaurants, clubs, etc. We, Kenyans, are just as “special” as any other
    nationality in the world.

    ii) Demonizing the west…like we have done and continued to do essentially backs us into a corner; limiting our options/partners. And the notion that “the west love themselves” frankly is silly and undermines Mr. Kirubi’s gravitas. Once again, what does that even mean?

    iii) Kenyans have to look in the mirror and answer some hard questions about lessons learnt re: their relationship with the west and how those lessons can be applied in its new relationship with the east. The fact is: the west did unto us what we allowed them to do – good AND bad.

    vi) Finally, we should talk with other African countries that have had long-standing relationships with China – Zambia comes to mind.

  • vulimu

    He is not telling us what the chinis will get in exchange, and for balance of trade since he blames the west of restrictive buying products from kenya, what will we be selling to china,give as specifics and i think any one who gives u a loan should demand checks and balance for the benefits of wananchi.

  • Dante

    hope you meant “21 gun salute”

  • Simiyu

    All these monies come with conditionalities. The West emphasized good governance which we all appreciate was wanting……the Chinese will insist on most procurement to be from china….the devil is in the details which probably Chris is not privy to

    • Nickson

      Negative minds always remain behind.

      • marloow

        And gullible and simplistic minds are susceptible to manipulation and sycophantic behavior….

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