6 things unhappy women keep doing to themselves


Women are human beings. Therefore,  every once in a while we cannot avoid feeling a little sad. What with the hormones playing tricks on us and the things we have to go through on a daily basis? Well, while some women are able to shake off that sad feeling fast, there are some women who let themselves get stuck in that negative moment which may turn the bad days into weeks, months and even years. The sad part is that if you are the woman described latterly then you are an unhappy woman and even sadder is that you put herself in that situation by doing the following:

#You do not get enough rest

Like it or not, your body and mind require a certain amount of rest every single day i.e at least 7 hours of sleep every night. And if you do not obey your body by letting it rest when it needs to you could cause an imbalance in your system which is likely to turn into a cycle that can trap you in depression.  Lack of sleep makes you ever so cranky and crankiness can make you an insomniac hence worsening the situation further which ultimately leads to more unhappy episodes.

#You give up very easily and then put yourself down because of it

You have that  self-defeating mentality making yourself your worst enemy! Whenever things don’t work out for you, you give up and go into that broody place where unhappiness is the in thing . When things don’t go your way you quickly decide that you cannot deal and you quickly put yourself down and wallow in unhappiness for much longer than is necessary.  Developing a “dust yourself off and try again” attitude is what you need to welcome into your life.

#You are living your life for other people

By thinking too much about what other people think about you and adjusting everything about yourself so that you are accepted by society is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself. While it is ok to adjust something about yourself that is a bit off because you do not want to be offensive or criticized about it, worrying too much about what other people think to the point where everything you do is centered around the expectations of others only is not ideal. The latter will only make you unhappier in life. In the end what you think about yourself and what is good for you is what matters the most.

“What people in the world think of you is really none of your business.” Martha Graham


#Isolation is your thing

Life can be quite complex and unfortunately sometimes it can prove even trickier than other times. Therefore, we need social outlets (friends and other people in our lives) that can help us go through such times… to share in the laughter and to lend us shoulders to lean on during those really tougher times. Cutting yourself off from the rest of the world will not make life any easier and instead it can lead to depression especially when you think you can carry that heavy burden all by yourself. When things get thick and you isolate yourself you are likely to feel all alone and sad and it will make it harder for you to get back in touch with the world.

#You are very inconsiderate towards other peoples feelings

You have no “filter” and sometimes the things that you say could be very hurtful to people. You may be doing it unknowingly, but remember that nobody likes a person who constantly puts other people and their efforts down. Trash-talking people will not only in the long run leave you all alone but will make you hated because no one will want to be associated with somebody who always puts people down. Try and be nice and kind to people!

#You refuse to forgive easily

Women are known to hold grudges for longer than is necessary. Unfortunately, this attitude tears us apart and we don’t know it. Not forgiving easily means that you are likely to fall out with many people and the more you do that, the more you harbor unhappy feelings inside of you and as I like to say “Unhappy on the inside, unhappy on the outside, unhappy everywhere.”


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