Ice Cube wants happy funeral

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Ice Cube wants his funeral to be a “real f***ing happy occasion”.

The 56-year-old rapper has already put in a great deal of thought of how he wants his life to be celebrated when he finally passes away and plans to leave instructions for a DJ to be hired to play his favourite songs as he is “lowered into the ground”.

He said: “I want my funeral to be a party, a real f***ing happy occasion – people eating, talking, dancing, all that.

“I want a DJ there spinning all my favourite s**t as I’m lowered into the ground, especially ‘Flash Light’ by Parliament – it’s perfect.”

One of Ice’s all-time favourite acts are Run-DMC but when he bought their self-titled debut album, he was only able to listen to it a few days a week as he shared it with a friend.

He recalled to NME magazine: “I had all the singles but I just had to buy the full album.

“The problem was that I didn’t have the money – I only had half of it.

“So, in the end, me and one of my friends went halves on it. I got it Thursday, Friday and Saturday, he had it the rest of the time.

“I couldn’t believe how every song was so dope – song after song, all amazing.”

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