The top 3 things men find attractive in women

A woman who knows exactly what she wants and goes for it is such a turn on for that mature hunky man with a like personality. Read on to learn the 3 things men find attractive to women…



#1 Women who have a high perception of themselves

Without self love you have no ability to attract the kind of relationship that you desire. You see, men are turned off by women who have a low opinion of themselves and are turned ON by women who have a high perception of themselves.

If you are struggling with how you see yourself, then understand that he sees you as you see you because he picks up on your vibes. So change this if you don’t think the vibes you are giving out are great.

#2 Women who are attractive to themselves

Really. You need to start attracting YOU. Spend time doing things that you LOVE and you will soon feel amazing in yourself. And when you do you will find that the guy most suited to this you comes your way. You have to work on yourself like this whether you are out looking for love or already have love because when you become disconnected from your true self you also become disconnected from a healthy and happy relationship.

#3 Women who appreciate a man’s need for space too

Men need more space than women do but women tend to think that to show a man that they love him they need to spend all of their time with him and give up their own identity but this can drive a man crazy as it means giving up his life to make his woman happy. Give him space too and use the time for you both to connect to your inner selves then come together and share your news.




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