Quick style tips for your baby bump

Coloured gowns

Dressing your baby bump can be quite daunting, even for seasoned fashionistas. Suddenly, you’ve got brand new curves to address and whereas chic designs took precedence in your outfit pairings, comfort is now what matters. So how do you make it work, especially when you have an event to attend?

We went through celebrity archives and found some easy yet beautiful ideas that you could consider incorporating next time you’re unsure of where to start.

Black and Beautiful

Admittedly, black tends to be very flattering on many people’s silhouettes. You could either pick a simple design and accessories with striking jewellery or spice things up a little by going for a dress with interesting embellishment details. Floor length gowns can be a great way to make a classic statement and going for one in the colour black is likely to be your safest bet.

Coated Up

A great way to look immediately dressed up is to find a coat, preferably in the beige/tan colour family, and throw it over your ensemble. You can always pop them over your maternity jeans, tights, or dress to keep your warm and give you a sophisticated flair.

Mad For Monochrome

Another instant way to make a stylish statement is to go for monochromatic dresses. The play on colour can actually create the illusion of being smaller than you actually are and can direct the eye to focus on areas that you want as the center of attention.

Gowns In Colour

Gowns in one solid colour can also be extremely charming, especially if you find a hue that compliments your skin tone. The bold colours may be a little daunting as many will assume that it will only draw attention to your new curves but remember, if you’re conscious about drawing attention to certain areas of your body, you can choose to either cover up those parts (e.g. your arms) or bare the areas that you feel work for you (e.g. your chest and collar bone).

Crop Top Fever

For those with a more daring approach to fashion, consider popping on a crop top. You could even bare a little skin if you’re up for the challenge. Remember,  you could always wear the crop top over your dress and this will actually help create the illusion of a waistline, even if you’re several months into your pregnancy!

The Little Black Dress

In case you thought the little black dress had no place in your maternity closet, think again! Some celebrities have been known to take the “little” in the little black dress to the next level, even with their baby bumps. But if your interested in a  more modest approach, consider going for dresses with creative structural elements or have an interesting combination of fabrics.


Whichever route you decide to take, remember you’re carrying a beautiful creation inside you and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. So don’t beat yourself down if you can’t rock your clothes as well as you did pre-pregnancy. Have fun, be creative and always remember the bigger picture!