New website rates hotel WiFi speeds and quality


Whether you’re planning a vacation or a business trip, you are likely to see WiFi as an important factor when selecting a place to stay.

For many travelers, WiFi speed is a vital feature of a hotel room, and is a major selling point for everyone from businessmen to backpackers. However, most hotels don’t actually care much about the WiFi quality since they can always advertise “Free WiFi”, which doesn’t make any claims about the actual quality or speed. Free is always a good price, but travelers are often disappointed by the WiFi quality they find.

A survey of business travelers conducted by KDS revealed that a slow or overpriced internet connection is one of the primary reasons for annoyed hotel guests. In a recent survey of 1 000 international tourists, in-room WiFi was noted as a top priority when selecting a hotel.

So, how does one find out what the WiFi quality is at a hotel?


Introducing, a website that collects and analyzes data about WiFi quality in hotels around the world.

For the many travelers who see free, high-quality WiFi as a must, the new website indicates which properties offer WiFi access with the cost of a room and ranks hotels according to wireless connection speed.

All the test results are directly linked to the hotel WiFi network to which you are connected on. In addition to location-based checks at test time, the results are validated on the server side before being used in the cumulative hotel score and reports. The speed test results are open to the public and can be easily referred to by potential hotel guests. Furthermore, hotel management can easily keep track of the test results since it takes only one click to tweet the results to the hotel’s account. The website is also integrated with Foursquare.

During your next hotel stay, take a speed test at Your experience might help make better hotel WiFi a reality for all travelers!

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