Kim Kardashian’s dermatologist reveals his wrinkle-free secrets


Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to Kim Kardashian, has revealed his secret to stay looking young.

Hollywood’s favourite skin specialist has revealed his top tips for keeping a clear complexion and maintaining a wrinkle-free face just like a celebrity.

Talking to the MailOnline, Dr Lancer shared: “I prescribe the Lancer Three-Step Method – step one, polish; step two, cleanse; step three, nourish – to all of my patients, regardless of how sophisticated they are about cosmetics.”

Dr. Lancer insists, like a house, the skin needs to be renovated from time-to-time and that can easily be achieved through exfoliation.

The doctor said: “Say, for example, you wanted to replace a tile floor. If your epidermis is the floor, then exfoliation is the gentle lifting process that breaks up the old, worn out tiles. Next you have to scoop up and sweep away the debris, for example cleansing, and finally fresh tiles have to be laid, which represent the nourish step.”

He claims that by simply exfoliating you can give skin a “younger, fresher look”.

Dr. Lancer shared: “Exfoliation creates a ‘controlled injury’, gentle exfoliation sends a message to the dermis that repair should begin and fresh cells are needed, expediting the turnover of cells in your epidermis. The controlled injury achieved by exfoliating turns back the clock by re-energising the repair process, giving skin a younger, fresher look.”

His most famous client, Kim Kardashian has been open to her fans about her beauty regime as she praised the doctor on Instagram. On Wednesday (06.08.14), the fresh faced beauty posted a photo with Dr. Lancer and gushed about his skills. Kim wrote: “So proud of my dermatologist Dr. Lancer. I feel younger every time I see him lol #TrueStory (sic)”

Spice Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham has also posted a photograph of Dr Lancer’s serum on Twitter, commenting: “Love this new serum from @DrLancerRx ! (sic)”

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