10 office essentials for the chic employee


Having to work in a professional environment can sometimes take a toll on your wardrobe, especially when you’re just starting out and are not sure where to begin. If you’re lucky enough to work in a creative environment where there are no strict dress codes to bog your dressing down, then there’s no excuse why shouldn’t have as much fun with fashion as possible. Besides the crisp white shirts and the fitted black blazers that should already be in your closet, we listed down 10 items that are sure to make you the most chic working girl in your office!

The Totally Chic Tote


Admittedly, us girls have a problem when it comes to overloading our handbags thanks to the just-in-case-you-need-it syndrome. But in our defense, our handbags have come to the rescue one too many times – like providing some much needed nail polish remover pads when needed! Totes are the best solution if you’re the kind of girl with loads of bits of bobs to carry around, particularly because of their dimensions. They might even accommodate notebooks and, depending on the size and weight, a small laptop! Pretty convenient yet chic.


A Cozy Scarf


You never know when the weather is going to change drastically or when the air conditioning is going to be ridiculously high and a scarf will definitely come in handy in keeping your chest warm. Not only is it a great way to add a pop of colour or print to your outfit, it’s also an easy accessory to tuck away in your handbag or work drawer and throw on easily.


Bold Blazers


Blazers are an office must-have but instead of the obvious black option, consider getting one with a pop of colour to keep things interesting and different. A white blazer will always be a classic choice but a bright colour such as coral or mint is an unexpected yet chic option. Also, if your blazer comes with buttons, consider swapping the plain buttons for strong statement ones that will add another interesting element to your ensemble.


Cute Stationery


It wouldn’t make sense for a chic lady to have plain, boring office supplies, would it? Opt for notebooks with an interesting cover and sleek pens to make sure your stationery matches your personality. Besides adding some cuteness to your desk, having unique stationery is a great way to make sure you can easily spot your pens in case someone accidentally takes it.


The Unexpected Heel

metalic pumps

Nude heels are a definite must-have for the working girl but for a chic angle, look for metalic heels to make sure you stand out. You’d be surprised just how versatile a pair could be!


Striking Pencil Skirts

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a wardrobe staple but for a different perspective to your outfit, look into different textural details or interesting prints. Not only will you get a lot of wears out of this article but it also acts as a great transitional piece if you want to move from office chic to steamy date night. Double win!


Fashionable flats


Let’s be honest here, heels are great but they can also be the death of you after an eight hour day. Having a pair of cute flats at your disposal will be a lifesaver, especially if you have to do some unexpected walking at some point or climb up a ridiculous amount of stairs. Trust us, it’s no fun walking up several flights of stairs in 5” heels!


Statement Watch

Oversized Watch

This splurge-worthy piece will be on your wrist everyday so you might as well make sure it’s a great, timeless item you’ve invested in. Trust us, taking your time to pick the right piece will prove worth it once you realize just how often you’ll glance at your wrist. You’ll thank us later ladies!


A signature lippie

Statement Lippie

A quick way to make yourself look a little dressed up is to find a statement lipstick shade that you can quickly pop on whenever your morning coffee isn’t enough to pick you up. There’s nothing like a bold lip to make you look more awake and dressed up than you actually are.


Proper Pants


Not only will a good fitting pair of pants give off a sexy masculine feel, but they can also act as a great break from the skirts and dresses which can be a little redundant. The key is to make sure the pants fit you well and are flattering on your body. Pair them with a quirky blouse to keep your personality shining through this ensemble.


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