Would you ever get your tongue tattooed?


Tattoos have over time, managed to find their way into mainstream culture and are no longer considered a taboo.

They are so common that people are going to extremes, like getting their tongues tattooed, in order to be unique.

Tongue tattoos are a new trend in the body modification world. Getting a tattoo on the tongue is not much different than getting one on any other body part.

It is actually less painful than getting one on the body because the tongue is simply a muscle and not a section of skin. People that have had it done say it is just like a tingling sensation on the mouth.

Unlike other tattoos, they do not take a long time to complete and it requires one to stick out their tongue during the whole process, which is not so comfortable.

The pain comes in the aftercare process. The tongue tattoo takes a shorter time to heal (three weeks) than most other tattoos (up to three months) but it will be very painful.

There will be some crust building on the tattoo as it heals, making eating, drinking or even swallowing saliva very difficult. The tongue will sometimes go numb, making it even difficult to speak and there is also the risk of swelling and one getting an infection especially on the first few days.

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