DIY Tip: Orange relieves stress and enlivens your spirits

orange paint

Painting your family room orange helps you recover from daylong frustrations at work in readiness for the next day.

Colour psychologists say orange helps one bounce back from disappointment and despair, which at times you cannot avoid while at work. It inspires you to know life is better than the worries wearing you down.

Emotional recovery is essential after a difficult day out for one to be fruitful the following day.

Relaxing in an orange painted room with your family boosts optimism and refreshes your thoughts, allowing you to enjoy the company of your family with enthusiasm., a home décor site, says orange is the colour of laugher and celebration. It helps set the mood for earnest conversation because of hot it stimulates the thoughts.

You may wonder why some restaurants choose this carroty paint.

Duke Nyambane, an interior decorator, says it is an appetite booster! You’re likely to wine and dine more in an orange space than any other dye because of the complacency it breeds.

It is a colour that encourages creativity and energy because it breeds beads of bold blood for physical confidence and positive competition.

This site adds that this carroty colour helps in recovery from grief.

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