Androgynous fashion 101

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Even though it may be a little intimidating at first, androgynous fashion is actually pretty easy to pull off and can be a great way to take on a more tomboy approach to your style. We may love our sexy gowns and LBDs, but having fun with androgyny and blurring the gender lines can be pretty interesting too. We’ve listed down seven ways you can incorporate this style if you’d like pull off a boyish look from a chic perspective.


Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

What easier way to blur the gender lines than to wear a pair of boyfriend jeans? This trend has been around for years and has quite easily been the most adopted androgynous look by fashionistas worldwide. If you’d like to balance off the masculine bottom, consider pairing your jeans with a form fitting top that accentuates your top half. But if you’re looking to go androgynous all the way, wear a loose fitting top but don’t forget add a pair of heels to keep things sexy!


Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes

These shoes are a great way to keep your look grounded in androgyny. Pair the shoes with a pair of pants to keep things light and preppy.


Androgynous Hats

An androgynous hat

This will not only save you time as you don’t have to think about your hair, but it will also add a cool flair to your look. How easy can it get?


Oversized Coats

Oversized coat

Not only will this keep you warm but an oversized coat will also add a little masculine touch to your outfit. Look for tweed fabric coats or ones with large buttons on them to extend the masculine feel.


Button Up

Button-up shirt

This classic piece should already be in your wardrobe and is an easy way to add a masculine touch. If you’re looking for a more bold statement, consider playing around with accessories such as bow ties and suspenders.


Oversized Watch

Oversized watch

There are loads of brands offering consumers unisex watches and this would be a subtle way for women to include a masculine appeal to their delicate wrist. The juxtaposition actually has a sexy, cool vibe to it which is always a plus.


Short hair

Chop chop

Finally, if you want to seal the deal on the androgynous look and take it to the next level, you could always go for a big chop! Just make sure you trust your hairdresser before you take this big leap.

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